The FTJ500 Wind Monitor is a high quality wind speed and direction sensor. This sensor is suited for a wide range of wind measuring applications, with durability and accuracy. Its compact and light weight construction makes it easy to set up.



Threshold Sensitivity 0.8 m/s
Signal Output Wind speed: AC sine wave signal 0.1 m/s per Hz.
Wind direction: Precision conductive potentiometer, 10K ohm resistance
Accuracy Wind speed: ±0.3 m/s (<10m/s), ±3 % (>10m/s)
Wind direction: ±3 degrees
Dimensions Overall height: 395 mm
Overall length: 500 mm
Propeller: 180 mm
Weight・Material 1.5kg ・ UV stabilized Plastic
Mounting 60-62 mm diameter
Accessory 5m of signal cable

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