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At Fieldpro, our unlimited passion for a legacy of this nature drives us to contribute the preservation of a healthy global environment through the measurement of Weather, Environment and Energy. In recent years, Global warming, Extreme weather, and Renewable energy have attracted a lot of attention all over the world. Our mission is to be a company leads to protect and bequeath this beautiful environment and valuable resources to subsequent generation by acquiring the data steadily on a moment- to moment basis.

Company name Fieldpro, Inc.
Business Design/ Manufacturing/ Sales on Electronic measuring apparatus.
Design/ Manufacturing/ Sales on measurement system for Environment/Weather/Energy.
Line of products Electronic measuring apparatus. Data logger and converters related
System device, and others
Location Address: Akitsu-cho 5-2-15, Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo, 189-0001, Japan
TEL: +81 (42) 391-7850
FAX: +81 (42) 391-7850
Representative Director Masahiro Mikami
Capital Fund 60 million yen
Bank of Account Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tanashi Branch
Musashino Bank,Ltd, Kumegawa Branch
The Tama Shinkin Bank, Akitsu Branch

March 1994 T&F established

March 1995 T&F Ltd. established with startup capital of 3 million yen

March 1997 The capital was increased to 20 million yen

June 1997 The company was changed into a joint-stock company, T&F Inc. with startup capital of 20 million yen

April 2006 The capital was increased to 23 million yen

April 2007 Affiliated company, Field Logic, Inc. established

August 2008 Company name changed to Fieldpro, Inc.

August 2009 Affiliated company, Field Joy, Inc. established

July 2010 The capital was increased to 30 million yen

September 2010 Certified on Tokyo corporate management innovations in conformity with Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises.

July 2011 The capital was increased to 40 million yen

October 2011 Construction of Headquarter building was completed

June 2012 Dynamic wind tunnel test device introduced

December 2012 The capital was increased to 45 million yen

October 2013 Affiliated company, Field Works, Inc. established

December 2013 The capital was increased to 50 million yen

July 2015 Participated in the First Meteo-Tech Expo Japan

July 2016 Participated in the 2nd Meteo-Tech Expo Japan

October 2016 Gain Management Ability Improvement Planning of Kanto Bureau of Economy,
Trade and Industry certification

Feburuary 2017 Received a bussiness transfer from Weather Japan, LLC.

July 2018 The capital was increased to 60 million yen

May 2019 Took over a business of Environmental Sensor Network

July 2020 Started a business of Enviroment and Weather IoT

September 2021 Certified a company of Tokyo Business Innovation

March 2022 Business Restructuring Subsidy adopted

September 2022 Introduction of Lightning Surge Test Machine


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